Celebrate the Japanese New Year Tradition with Sushi Kuni

Dec 17, 2023

Welcoming 2024: A Blend of Flavor and Fortune

As the New Year dawns, Sushi Kuni invites you to embrace the rich traditions of Japanese culture right here in Oregon. This 2024, we're not just celebrating a new beginning; we're bringing to you the authentic essence of Japan's most cherished New Year customs.

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Oshiruko: A Bowl Full of Tradition

In Japan, the New Year (or 'Shogatsu') is a time of joy and family gatherings, where special foods like Oshiruko play a central role. Oshiruko, a sweet red bean soup with mochi, is not just a delight for the taste buds but also a symbol of good luck and prosperity. At Sushi Kuni, we're offering this traditional soup, inviting you to taste and learn about this significant culinary tradition.

Otoshidama: The Joy of Giving

Another cherished tradition during Shogatsu is 'otoshidama' – the giving of small envelopes containing money to children, symbolizing good wishes for the New Year. Inspired by this, Sushi Kuni offers its own version of otoshidama: with each Oshiruko purchase, every table will receive a 'lucky' $10 coupon, our way of spreading joy and prosperity.

A Journey Through Japanese Culture

Our aim at Sushi Kuni is not just to serve food, but to create an experience that takes you on a journey through Japanese culture. The New Year is a perfect time to immerse yourself in these traditions and understand the depth and beauty of Japanese customs.

Authenticity and Flavor: The Sushi Kuni Promise

In Oregon, finding authentic Japanese cuisine can be a journey in itself. At Sushi Kuni, we promise an experience that's not just authentic in flavor but also rich in cultural heritage. Our New Year's special is a testament to this promise, a chance for you to experience Japan's heart and soul through its culinary delights.

Join Us in Welcoming 2024!

So, as we step into 2024, join us at Sushi Kuni for a taste of Japanese New Year traditions. Enjoy our Oshiruko and receive your lucky coupon, a symbol of our gratitude and good wishes for the year ahead.

Happy New Year from Sushi Kuni 

Here's to a year filled with happiness, health, and exquisite dining! ğŸ£ğŸŽ‰