Discover the Joy of Giving with Sushi Kuni’s Special Holiday Promotion!

Dec 07, 2023

Embrace the Spirit of the Season with Our Exclusive Gift Card Offer

The holiday season is a time of joy, sharing, and memorable experiences. At Sushi Kuni, we’re delighted to add to the festive cheer with our special holiday promotion that combines the art of gifting with the exquisite pleasure of gourmet sushi.

A Gift of Gastronomic Delight

This December, we are offering a unique opportunity for our patrons. For every $100 gift card purchased, we gift back a taste of what makes Sushi Kuni special – a complimentary sushi roll from our new collection that is set to debut in January. These gift cards are not just presents; they are keys to a culinary adventure, unlocking an array of flavors and an experience that transcends the ordinary.

A Sneak Peek into Our January Sushi Roll Collection

We believe anticipation is part of the joy. Here’s a preview of what awaits in January:

- **(W)holy Mack Roll:** A perfect harmony of Saba and Shiso, accented with pickled ginger and a zesty twist of lemon.
- **Black Mamba Roll:** A bold blend of Tuna and Eel, combined with creamy Avocado and our exclusive Tornado sauce.
- **Oh My Cod Roll:** A celebration of Tempura Cod and Spicy Crab, complemented by Shrimp and Tobico.
- **Northwest Roll:** A fusion of Salmon and Mango, enriched with Spicy Crab Mix and Avocado, capturing the essence of the Northwest.

Why Choose Sushi Kuni Gift Cards?

Our gift cards are more than just a means to a delightful meal; they are an invitation to explore the depths of authentic and innovative sushi craftsmanship. They represent an experience, a journey through flavors and textures that Sushi Kuni prides itself on.

The Perfect Gift for Sushi Aficionados

Whether it’s for a sushi enthusiast or someone new to the world of Japanese cuisine, our gift cards are the perfect way to share the love of sushi. It’s a gift that offers a promise – a promise of a memorable dining experience that awaits in the new year.

Join Us in Celebrating the Holiday Season

We invite you to be a part of our festive celebration. Visit Sushi Kuni, purchase a gift card, and be ready to embark on a sushi adventure that starts with a complimentary roll of your choice. Make your holidays extra special with the finest sushi experience!

Visit Sushi Kuni today, and let’s make this December a month to remember.

Happy Holidays and Happy Gifting!