Omakase Wine Pairing

Dec 04, 2023

Kuni Omakase Wine Pairing Menu

Welcome Drink:

  • Wine: Sparkling Wine

First Course: Octopus & Tai Duo

  • Dish: Octopus Marinade & Tai Carpaccio
  • Wine: Pete’s Mountain Pinot Gris

Second Course: Briny Whisper

  • Dish: Freshly Shucked Oysters
  • Wine: Pete’s Mountain Tommy’s Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

Third Course: Umami Wave

  • Dish: Choice of Cod Miso or Tai Mentaiko
  • Wine: Pete’s Mountain Carson’s Reserve Chardonnay

Fourth Course: Elegance of the Sea

  • Dish: Scallops & Uni with Caviar
  • Wine: Pete’s Mountain Rosé

Fifth Course: Earthy Crunch

  • Dish: Daikon Dengaku
  • Wine: Pete’s Mountain Haley’s Block Pinot Noir

Sixth Course: Smokey Velvet

  • Dish: Tataki Wagyu
  • Wine: Pete’s Mountain Kristina’s Reserve Pinot Noir

Seventh Course: Robust Savor

  • Dish: Wagyu Sukiyaki
  • Wine: Pete’s Mountain Elijah’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Dessert Course: Sweet Finale

  • Dish: Persimmon and Dark Chocolate Dessert
  • Wine: Pete’s Mountain Syrah or Dessert Wine

At Sushi Kuni, every dish is a carefully crafted work of art, and our new Omakase Wine Pairing Menu is no exception. We invite you to join us for an evening of extraordinary flavors, enchanting aromas, and the incomparable joy found in a perfectly paired dining experience. For reservations, please call 503-610-1611