Welcome to the Delicate Delights of Sushi Kuni

Dec 16, 2023

At Sushi Kuni, we pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled sushi experience with a selection of fish that is as exclusive as it is delectable. Today, we're thrilled to share with you seven hand-selected varieties that Aki-san has expertly chosen for their unique flavors and textures. 

Kurosoi: The Black Rockfish

This uncommon treasure is not your everyday find in the US. Known for its sweet, delicate flavor, Kurosoi has a firm yet tender texture that sushi connoisseurs admire. Its natural sweetness is enhanced when paired with hot sake, making it a sublime choice for sashimi.

Ankimo: The Sea's Foie Gras

Monkfish liver, or Ankimo, is a rich and creamy delight often likened to a pâté of the sea. Its velvety texture and subtle sea-salt flavor make it a luxurious treat, often enjoyed with a touch of ponzu sauce to balance its richness.

Toro: The Fatty Tuna

Toro is the jewel in the crown of any sushi menu. It comes from the fatty part of the tuna, melting effortlessly in your mouth. The glowing pink of Toro not only promises an aesthetic delight but also a flavor that is both rich and smooth.

Hirame: The Elegant Flounder

As one of the best white fish for sashimi, Hirame is cherished for its light, almost ethereal taste. Its delicate, sweet flavor and firm texture are the hallmarks of this elegant fish.

Kanpachi: The Versatile Amberjack

Moderately fatty and strikingly white in color, Kanpachi offers a smooth texture with a light and elegant flavor. It’s a versatile fish that appeals to both sushi novices and aficionados alike.

Aji: The Japanese Horse Mackerel

Aji is a popular fish, especially favored in Japan for its clean and distinctive white flesh. Its flavor is bright and pronounced, making it a sought-after variety for those who enjoy a fish with character but without overpowering intensity.

Wakasagi: The Crispy Smelt

Wakasagi provides a different texture from the others—crispy and savory. This deep-fried whole Japanese smelt is perfect as an appetizer and pairs wonderfully with an array of drinks.

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These are just a few highlights from our daily recommendations. We invite you to Sushi Kuni to explore the depth of flavors our ocean has to offer. Come for the sushi, stay for the experience – a journey of tastes that awaits you.